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The 2001AT50 Festival aims to harness the spirit of the film 2001: A Space Odyssey and launch it into new creative-unknown territory. Beginning in 2018, in honor of the film’s 50th anniversary, 2001AT50 will offer an entire year of diverse programming in a range of venues.  This means free programs for all to enjoy anywhere and everywhere in the New Jersey/New York area; from community centers, to cultural institutions, to the sidewalk beneath your feet.

The festival goals will be accomplished through 3 pillars of programming:

  1. Creative Exchange

  2. Education

  3. Mass Accessibility

Types of programming will be: Workshops, Lectures, Film Screenings, Theatre, Music Scoring, Walking Tours, Publications, Comedy, Exhibitions

The 50th anniversary is a reminder of the continued attempt to understand ourselves and what lies beyond and to embrace the experience of the unknown. We use the words of the film’s famous onboard computer, HAL9000, as our festival mantra.


ITGLOWS creates events that encourage people to take action, leading to unknown collaborative outcomes.

KEITH BIESACK In 2004 Keith founded ITGLOWS, an art ensemble with a rolodex of spin heavy collaborators, producing original, unknown, and educational performance projects. Keith's professional training is a mix of Experimental Theatre, and Wine & Spirits Education. This has led to his next line of study called The Lost Grape, a collaboration with his wife, Lenora.

LENORA SYMCZAK BIESACK has been working in the world of youth arts education since 2008.  Her background in filmmaking and teaching led to the creation of an educational film website called F.A.T.C.A.T. , which explores all aspects of film and television production through monthly lessons.   This love of history and education, has all led to her next line of study called The Lost Grape, a collaboration with her husband, Keith.