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Like Life: Sculpture, Color, and the Body

Artists have been attempting to replicate life from the earliest cave paintings until the present day.  Even with accurate technology such as cameras, the mystery of human thought, feeling, and action still maintains an aloofness that keeps us striving to capture it.  This exhibit hosted by the Met Breuer shows us 700 years of this attempt through sculpture.  

While viewing the human mission to capture humanity, let us consider HAL and how the scientists of 2001: A Space Odyssey's attempted to make a human- like space aid to accompany Frank and Dave on their mission to Jupiter.  In a BBC interview shown in the film, astronauts Frank and Dave even comment on how HAL seems just like another crew member.  While HAL does not look human, what has been recreated is tone of voice, realistic conversational ability, and even some human emotions like jealousy and rage.  

What makes us strive to recreate humanity while we are surrounded by the real thing?  Perhaps, a chance to better understand each other...